Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

No one is above the law.

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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
United States President Lex Luthor uses the oncoming trajectory of a Kryptonite meteor to frame Superman and declare a $1 billion bounty on the heads of the Man of Steel and his ‘partner in crime’, Batman. Heroes and villains alike launch a relentless pursuit of Superman and Batman, who must unite—and recruit help—to try and stave off the action-packed onslaught, stop the meteor Luthors plot.
Release Date
29 September 2009
1 h 07 min
 United States of America
Science Fiction, Animation, Action, Adventure, Family
Sam Liu
Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Clancy Brown, LeVar Burton, Xander Berkeley, Ricardo Chavira, John C. McGinley, CCH Pounder, Jennifer Hale, Allison Mack, Corey Burton, Calvin Tran, Mark Jonathan Davis, Brian George, Rachael MacFarlane, Alan Oppenheimer, Andrea Romano, Bruce Timm, Jonathan Adams, Michael Gough
DC Comics, Warner Premiere, DC Entertainment
Michael Goguen, Bobbie Page
Director of Photography
Original Music Composer
Christopher Drake
Original Title
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
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In the midst of a national economic depression, Lex Luthor was elected President of America. His leadership sees the economy flourish, and he creates a team of government-employed superheroes, including Captain Atom, Katana and Black Lightning, Power Girl and Starfire. Superman and Batman continue to distrust Luthor.

The United States government finds a huge Kryptonite meteor that is hurtling towards Earth. Luthor, instead of asking for help from superheroes, decides to destroy the meteor with nuclear missiles. Luthor organizes a meeting in Gotham City with Superman under the pretence that they will form a pact. The hired Metallo is brought in to fight Superman and Batman. Metallo manages both to injure them before an unknown assailant takes out Metallo. Luthor uses footage from their fight to indict Metallo. Luthor claims that Superman’s judgement can be affected by the radiation from the meteor, and he offers Superman a one-billion-dollar bounty.

Superman and Batman break into S.T.A.R. Labs, searching for information about the meteor to find Metallo’s remains. They realize that radioactive energy is what caused his death, and they make it look like Superman’s heat vision. They are attacked by an army of evil villains who want to steal the bounty. Captain Atom destroys most of the villains and defeats the rest using a huge energy blast. Power Girl and all of Luthor’s superhero team, save Power Girl, whose loyalty is divided, try to capture the heroic pair. Superman uses his super-speed to create a loop, and the heroes are able to escape with Power Girl.

Power Girl, a Metropolis girl, admits she doesn’t believe that Superman killed Metallo. Luthor’s super-heroes catch up to him, and the battle begins again. Power Girl assists Batman and Superman. Batman discovers Major Force murdered Metallo on Luthor’s orders, and he is forced to admit it to everyone. Major Force starts angrily attacking him. Power Girl punches him in his stomach enough to break his containment suit. Captain Atom absorbs the energy and disintegrates Major Force, injuring him in the process.

The missiles are destroyed by the radiation emitted from the meteor, which causes them to explode before they hit the ground. Amanda Waller discovers Luthor had secretly taken a liquid kryptonite serum, causing him to lose any rationality. Disillusioned by his failures, Luthor decides that the meteor should hit the Earth to rule over the remaining society. Batman and Superman fight Captain Marvel and Hawkman before entering Luthor’s base of operations in order to retrieve data about the meteor’s radiation. Luthor refuses the data and even erases it from the lab computers. Waller, however, gives them a copy. Batman, Superman and Power Girl fly to Tokyo to hand the data to the Japanese Toyman. He has already constructed a huge rocket-propelled spacecraft that he intends to use as a large missile to stop a meteor. Luthor is then attempted to be arrested by Waller and the military. However, he injects more kryptonite and wears a power suit. Luthor escapes Waller and the military and follows Superman, Batman and other superheroes overseas.

Toyman greets Batman and Superman at his base and shows them the spacecraft. It resembles a gigantic, robotic composite of Superman, Batman, and Robin. Toyman uses the data to determine the reinforcements required for the rocket so that it doesn’t explode upon impact. Luthor destroys Power Girl, Superman, and Batman and disables the rocket’s remote guidance systems to prevent it from taking off on its own. Batman, despite Superman’s protestations, decides to fly his rocket. Although Luthor’s kryptonite power suits and Luthor initially did poorly, Superman eventually wins the battle and is able to fly back to Metropolis. Superman rescues the meteor from destruction, and Batman defeats him.

Superman is now freed from the murder charge. Luthor, however, is taken into custody and will face trial for his crimes. Batman returns to Gotham, while Lois Lane, the Daily Planet star journalist, arrives and embraces the Man of Steel.

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