Superman II

The Man of Steel meets his match!

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Superman II
Three escaped criminals from the planet Krypton test the Man of Steel's mettle. Led by General Zod, the Kryptonians take control of the White House and partner with Lex Luthor to destroy Superman and rule the world. But Superman, who attempts to make himself human in order to get closer to Lois, realizes he has a responsibility to save the planet.
Release Date
4 December 1980
2 h 07 min
 United Kingdom,   United States of America
Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
Richard Lester
Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Ned Beatty, Jackie Cooper, Sarah Douglas, Margot Kidder, Jack O'Halloran, Valerie Perrine, Susannah York, Clifton James, E.G. Marshall, Marc McClure, Terence Stamp, Leueen Willoughby, Robin Pappas, Roger Kemp, Roger Brierley, Anthony Milner, Richard Griffiths, Melissa Wiltsie, Alain Dehay, Marc Boyle, Alan Stuart, John Ratzenberger, Shane Rimmer, John Morton, Jim Dowdall, Angus MacInnes, Antony Sher, Elva Mai Hoover, Hadley Kay, Todd Woodcroft, John Hollis, Gordon Rollings, Peter Whitman, Bill Bailey, Dinny Powell, Hal Galili, Marcus D'Amico, Richard LeParmentier, Don Fellows, Michael Shannon, Tony Sibbald, Tommy Duggan, Pamela Mandell, Pepper Martin, Eugene Lipinski, Cleon Spencer, Carl Parris, Jack Cooper, Norman Chancer, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Richard Donner, Jeff East, Glenn Ford, Trevor Howard
Dovemead Films, Film Export A.G., Warner Bros. Pictures
Pierre Spengler
Director of Photography
Geoffrey Unsworth, Robert Paynter
Original Music Composer
Ken Thorne
Original Title
Superman II


Before the destruction of Krypton[b], the criminals General Zod, Ursa and Non are sentenced to banishment into the Phantom Zone. The shockwave of a hydrogen blast, which Superman hurled from Earth, causes the destruction of the Phantom Zone near Earth years later. Three criminals are released, and they find superpowers from the yellow light of the Sun. They continue on to Earth, with plans for conquering the planet.

The Daily Planet sends Clark Kent, a journalist whose secret identity is Superman, and Lois Lane to Niagara Falls. Lois suspects Clark, Superman and the same person are they after Clark disappears and Superman saves a child from falling. Lois attempts to trick Clark by throwing herself into the falling falls to make him believe he is Superman. However, Clark saves her and does not become Superman. Clark slips on a rug, and his hand hits a fireplace. Lois realizes that Clark is Superman when he admits to it. He shows her the energy crystals that contain the remnants of his past and takes her to his Fortress of Solitude, Arctic. Superman declares his love and desire to spend his entire life with Lois. Superman is able to remove his superpowers after he confers with Lara, his artificial intelligence, and becomes a mortal by being exposed to the red Kryptonian Sun in a crystal chamber. Clark and Lois share a night together before leaving the Fortress to return to the Arctic by car. Rocky, a truck driver, assaults Clark as he arrives at a diner.

After becoming familiar with Earth, Zod and his companions travel to Washington to force the President to give up on behalf of the entire world during a television broadcast. General Zod demands that Superman “kneel in front of Zod” when the President pleads with Superman for Earth’s salvation. Clark and Lois discover the details of Zod’s conquest. Realizing that humans alone can defeat Zod, Clark decides he will return to the Fortress to try and regain his powers.

Eve Teschmacher and Lex Luthor helped escape from prison, leaving Otis behind. Teschmacher and Luthor infiltrate The Fortress of Solitude just before Superman, Lois and Lois arrive. Luthor discovers that Superman is connected to Jor-El as well as General Zod. He meets Zod at the White House, where he tells him that Superman is their son. In exchange for Australia’s control, he offers to take him to Superman. They ally themselves with Luthor, and they go to the offices at the Daily Planet. After he has found the green crystal which restores his powers, Superman arrives and fights the three. Zod sees that Superman cares about the people and threatens anyone who isn’t. Superman sees that the only way to stop Zod, Ursa, and Non is to lure them all to the Fortress.

Superman takes off with Zod and Ursa and Non, who is on the trail of Lois and Luthor. Zod announces that Luthor is no longer useful and plans to kill Superman and him. Superman attempts to convince Luthor to lure them into the crystal chamber in order to destroy them. Luthor is eager to win back Zod’s favour and reveals the secret chamber to the villains. Superman is forced into the chamber by Zod, who activates it. However, Superman smashes Zod’s hand to release him from a crevice. Luthor concludes that Superman reconfigured a chamber to expose the trio of them to the red Sun while Superman was shielded from it. Non slips into another crevice while trying to fly above it. Lois then knocks Ursa into yet another. Superman returns to civilization and leaves Luthor behind, while Lois is returned home by Lois.

Clark meets Lois at the Daily Planet on the next day. He is upset that Lois knows his secret, but she has not been able to share her true feelings. He kisses Lois, using his powers to erase her memories of the past few days. Later, Clark goes back to the diner and takes revenge on Rocky. Superman repairs the damage caused by Zod and replaces the American flag atop the White House. He tells President that he will never abandon his duty.

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