How to Pull Off a Nautical Outfit

Nautical Outfit (7)

There is nothing more simple to pull off then a classic nautical outfit in the summer. It’s the best possible outfit when your on a boat with friend or on the beach.

Let me tell you this: nautical fashion can make you look overdone and costumey, keep your pieces modern, and not too modern – this is the key.


26 Fashion Hacks You Should Know

Fashion Hacks (12)

Many ladies/girls have clothing issues when it comes to dress up properly. I will try now to make your life easier with this images shared below. Courtesy of WWW (

It’s… in my opinion, some of the best images with advice for every women.


Bohemian Wardrobe: 12 Fashion Pieces Everybody Needs

Bohemian Wardrobe

Lets talk about your bohemian wardrobe… Want a boho-chic wardrobe? Here are the 15 fashion pieces every bohemian wardrobe needs.

Thanks to all girls and ladies who supported our blog, we decided to expand a list of boho outfits, with information, images, shopping items and more.


Perfect Urban Fashion for the Modern City Lifestyle


Urban fashion is all about reflecting your personality with your clothing. Attitudes to clothing have become increasing more relaxed over the last 50 years. Once people were very much limited in terms of wealth and availability, when it came to making fashion choices.
Now there are a huge variety of different styles and designs of clothing available at prices to suit all budgets. This means you should be able to choose the perfect urban fashion look for your wardrobe.


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